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Circle Of Trust
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The "Circle of Trust"

We take great pride in providing result oriented skincare and the fact that we have always been a safe and healthy skincare office. However, due to the ongoing medical crisis, we’ve added additional measures to our already high health standards. 

We have introduced a “Circle of Trust” to keep clients and ourselves safe from exposure to Covid-19. For our part, our clients can depend on us to meet or exceed the State of California’s current health mandates. For their part of the Circle of Trust, we ask that our clients answer all health-related questions truthfully and follow our in-office health measures. 

Thank you for your trust! 
For the safety of both staff and clients,
please advise if you or someone in your household is exhibiting any Covid-19 symptoms.
If so, we will be happy to reschedule you,
but please be mindful of our 48-hour cancellation policy.

For everyone's safety, please only come to the office
if you do not pose a health risk to other clients or staff.

All staff use approved safety equipment,
including medical grade disposable masks, face shields,
and temperature checks with an LED touchless thermometer.
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