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Permanent Makeup 

Microblading & Permanent Makeup Services Take your time, look around, learn and enjoy all the endless possibilities of Permanent Makeup. We hope you enjoy our selection and feel free to ask us questions, it’s our pleasure to share. Maria has trained with master permanent makeup, microblading artist Joy Vartabedian, Founder & CEO of Glow by Joy, and Lorine Mikhail Founder & CEO of Organic Permanent Makeup. She has done hundreds of permanent makeup clients: eyebrows, eyeliner & lips. She is also a skincare specialist (since 2000) based in Los Angeles, CA. All products used are natural-based and organic. ‘I enjoy enhancing the natural beauty of each and every client. Helping to build confidence and bring out everyone’s self, esteem!


Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a procedure take?

Most procedures take about two hours to include sufficient time for numbing, paperwork, and design. It is important that you schedule enough time to avoid feeling rushed, which is a more pleasant experience for everyone concerned. If you are insensitive to novocaine, expect it to take a little longer. Lip procedures can take up to three hours, follow-ups are less.

Is it really permanent?

Yes, it is. The pigment molecules are deposited into the dermal layer of skin and will be there in some form, even if they looked very faded, although some people may metabolize the pigment partially or fully. Color retouching is recommended to keep it looking fresh. Avoiding direct sun exposure, wearing a full-spectrum sunscreen, and avoiding certain products will ensure the best results. Using retinol, alpha-hydroxy or hyaluronic acid will affect the color. Individual retention of color varies.

Pre-procedure and post-care?

Prior to your appointment, please avoid taking fish oil or any aspirin products to reduce bleeding. Please bring a list of current medications that you are taking. Certain medical conditions may not be compatible with a permanent makeup procedure, a doctor's approval may be necessary.


Immediately after the procedure, there may be some swelling and redness. The pigment will appear darker for the first 5-7 days. Lips will have more swelling and a deeper shade for up to a week. Because the skin has been opened, care must be taken to avoid any contamination or possible infection, which is rare. A light ointment is applied as directed for the first week. Showering and washing the face or affected area needs to be done with care. Avoid swimming, intense exercise, sun exposure, and airborne debris (no dusting, gardening, or the beach) for at least a week.

Is it painful?

There can be minor discomfort during a procedure, although most people experience very little to none. Topical anesthetics are applied before and during the procedure to ensure the most comfortable experience. If you are insensitive to novocaine during a dental procedure, you may have less ability to numb completely and should expect the procedure to take a bit longer.

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